Saturday, July 25, 2009

Islamic Dress for Men : Yes there are Clothing Restrictions for Men

Do you know that Muslim men also have a dress code? Many people forget that there are also restrictions in Muslim men’s clothing. In Islam both men and women are told by Allah to dress modestly. Clothing restrictions are not only for Muslim women. The media has made much about clothing restrictions on women, and lately the hijab in particular has come under much scrutiny as being “scary”.

However, contrary to popular belief among many non-Muslims, Muslim men also have a dress code to follow. Men should be as modest in their appearance as women. All Muslims, whether they be male or female should try to blend in and not draw attention to themselves.

Additionally Muslim men should also wear clothing that is loose fitting enough that all parts of the body are concealed and show the bare minimum of their skin. Neither Muslim men nor women wear shorts as many people in the western world do. It is forbidden in their religion as they must conceal themselves.

While praying in a mosque, clothing should be plain and not be distracting. The Quran tells men that they should not wear silk or gold jewelry to show off their wealth. Clothing should not attract attention or be worn to show off. In addition, it is recommended that Muslim men wear a beard, no longer than a fist length and keep their hair managed and neat, When praying they should cover their heads with a kufi (mens hat) or a turban. It is recommended that a Tunic or Long Shirt be worn.

Typical clothing for men are long gowns or robes (known as jelbabs or thobes) or a salwar kameez, which is a loose long shirt worn with loose fitting pants. Fabric restrictions are also in place for Islamic men. Wearing of Silk and saffron colored clothing is forbidden for men only.

Where Islamic women can wear gold or silver jewelry, Gold jewelry is not permitted for Islamic men; they may however wear silver rings. Dress restrictions are in place not just for women, men have them too.

So in answer to the question do you know that Muslim men also have a dress code? Yes they most definitely do. Islam does not restrict only women in their dress, men are restricted also. It is in place for the self protection of all Muslims so they are respected and not seen as sex symbols and may therefore be taken seriously in society. And there is nothing wrong or “scary” about it. These restrictions have been in place for centuries.

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